That's me

I'm a firm believer in the importance of design in explaining, illuminating, and enriching the world around us. I've had the privilege of working over twenty years with user interfaces and experiences, graphics, as well as advertisements. In that time, my job title has evolved: print graphic designer, web designer, front-end developer, UI/UX product designer, web art director. Throughout my career, I have maintained the same zeal to create, build, and share as when I first learned Photoshop as a teenager.

Currently, my role is a Senior Manager, UI/UX and Front-End Engineering at Simpson Strong-Tie. I've worked to promote a culture of design-forward thinking at this organization. I believe we have made large strides during my tenure here in enhancing the user experience on both the main website as well as our engineering applications.

Outside of work, I'm a father to seven-year old daughter and two dogs in Oakland, CA. I collect vintage Gibson and Epiphone Thinline electric guitars as well as design and build vacuum tube guitar amplifiers. I spend far too much time thinking about colors and palettes.

Yes, I am open to new career opportunities. I'd be happy to chat regarding roles in your organization for UI/UX Design Management.